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Dear ILCA World Council and World Sailing


Dear ILCA World Council and World Sailing,

The Spanish Laser Class Association committee has been reading and reviewing all ILCA statements and we want to express our worries about this situation.

If last action from ILCA World Council, presided by Tracy Usher and managed by Eric Faust that have been done regarding Laser name change to ILCA Dinghy is a violation of the constitution point 17 (a);(b);(c) then we request ILCA president and executive secretary to resign as already requested by the Italian class association. We ask to go back to a normal situation where ILCA keeps aware the sailors and associations around the world. We request clear information so decisions can be made. Our position is on the same way as Eurilca.

Throw decades any Laser change have always been voted by and for the benefit of the sailors. This has made the International class strong and successful around the world. We also ask ILCA World Council to work closely with his members as it has always been done in the past.

From the beginning of this issue, there have been a LACK OF INFORMATION and all our sailors are worried with the future.

In the coming weeks we are organizing European Championships and there are sailors around the world chartering a Laser boats without any guarantee that a boat could be delivered on time as there is lack of plaques with the Laser manufacturer.

We are in the middle of the season and it’s really bad timing for a lack of supply in Europe. Definitely, It’s not fair for the sailors at all.

We expect the ILCA World Council to take action and we also suggest that World Sailing looks closer to this situation (that can be easily solved by changing the ILCA management).

AECIL committee,

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